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Driving While Under The Influence
Of Alcohol (DUI-DWI)

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Driving While Under The Influence Of Alcohol (DUI-DWI) - Details

Court Location
  Date   Room   Time
Date of Arrest
Arresting Agency
Time of Arrest
Arrest Location
Case Number
Case Number
Bail Bond Number
  Amount   Deposit
Did Police Have Warrant?  
What Was Probable Cause?
Items Seized
Witness #1
Name, Address, Phone
  Year   Offense   Disposition
Were you charged with anything else besides D.U.I. ?  
How many tickets received on date of arrest?

Was your vehicle moving or stopped when you first noticed the Police making contact with you?  

Keys in Ignition when stopped?  
  If No, were keys in the car?  
If Yes, were? 
Was there an accident?  
  If Yes, was anyone injured? 
If Yes, how badly injured?

Did you admit to drinking any alcoholic beverages or ingesting any drugs, either legal or illegal?  

  If Yes, what was taken? How much? Over what period of time?

Were any of the following test given to you at the scene or at the Police station:

Say the alphabet?    Result       
Stand on one leg?    Result       
Walk the line?    Result       
Pick up the coins?    Result       
Finger to nose?    Result       
Reverse counting?    Result       
Portable breath test?    Result       
Do you need to drive to / from / during the course of work / school / medical care?  
  If so, when and where?
Do you believe that you were under the influence of alcohol or drugs at the time of your arrest?  
Your Height   
Your Weight
How Many Drinks  
Kind of Drinks  
Over What Time Period  

Approximately how much time passed from your last drink to your arrest time?  

Is it possible that there were drugs / medications in your system?  

  If Yes, what kind?
  If Yes, how much?
  If Yes, when were they ingested or taken?  

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